Entrance mat system adding value to buildings

Prestigious architecture cannot neglect the details.
In order to protect and add a note of functional elegance and value to entrance areas of all types of buildings, both private and public or commercial, Giaretta Italia Atrium Team provides a service of consulting, design and installation of personalized entrance mats systems.
Choosing an Atrium mat is a guarantee of image but also of hygiene and safety, reducing the risks of falls and accidents due to wet floors. Also important is the noise absorption in large halls, the extension of interior floors lifetime and the reduction of cleaning costs.
The Atrium range includes various types of products: carpet mats and entrance mats systems for interiors and exteriors, built-in or installed on finished floor, composed of rubber inserts, different kinds of brushes combined whit aluminum profiles, which can be rolled up for an easier cleaning.
All types can be personalized with company logos and graphics and are characterized by a high resistance to trampling, a high cleaning effect and an elegant design enhanced by a large variety of colours and cuts made to measure, including circular and radial.
Accessories such as installation frames, dirt collection and drainage wells, grilled substructures frames, perimetric anti stumbling ramps, complete the program.

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