Extruded klinker is a construction material which has been used for flooring for hundreds of years and is ideally suited for application in industrial environments. It is currently the best material on the market to meet the specific requirements of food processing: hygiene, durability, resistance to heavy loads and traffic, resistance to bacterial, chemical and thermal aggression. When klinker is made starting with pure clay, produced using the best technology available and constantly developed to maintain its first-class quality, then it takes the name of Giaretta Italia Klintech®. Giaretta Italia tiles have been designed and produced to resist mechanical, chemical and extreme thermal stress. They also offer the highest levels of sanitisation combined with anti-slip properties which are ideal for all food sectors.

Available colors
Ivory Ivory
Yellow Sand Yellow Sand
Brick Red Brick Red
Brown Brown
Grey Grey
Autumn Leaf Autumn Leaf
Shapes and dimensions
Material Format (L x H) mm Thickness (T) mm Roughness Surfaces Available colours
Klinker 240 x 115 18 | 15 | 13 | 10 R11 Unglazed avorio.jpg giallo-sabbia.jpg rosso-mattone.jpg marrone.jpg grigio.jpg foglia-autunno.jpg