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The main objective of the wall cladding is above all to make it easier to keep the environment spotlessly clean.

Tiled surfaces are the most suitable for this purpose since washing works are simplified and faster than those of other types of cladding. Wall tiles are also more resistant to chemical detergents, frequent cleaning cycles and  light, as well as being exceptionally hard-wearing.

The visual impact of glossy, white wall tiles should not be overlooked. They give rooms a sense of aesthetics, freshness, order and cleanliness: a definite positive impact on the image of the factory.

Giaretta System offers glazed and unglazed cladding material, complete with all quarter round fittings and special pieces imposed by current regulations for food environments. The most commonly requested colours are bright white and ivory white, but other basic colours, or ones from other product lines, are available to create decorative patterns. In rooms where you want to preserve a traditional style, in cellars for example, more traditional materials are available together with a range of beautiful natural stones.