Antibacterial Glossy Wall Tiles for industrial environments

Giaretta System offers glazed and unglazed cladding material, complete with all quarter rounded fittings and special pieces imposed by current regulations for food environments. The most commonly requested colours are bright white and ivory white, but other basic colours, or ones from other product lines, are available to create decorative patterns. In rooms where you want to preserve a traditional style, in cellars for example, more rustic materials are available together with a range of natural stones.   

Available colors
SP7758 SP7758
SP8044 SP8044
SP7621 SP7621
SP7757 SP7757
SP7650 SP7650
SP7757 SP7757
SP7621 SP7621
Shapes and dimensions
Type Material Format (mm) Thickness (mm) Surfaces Available colours
Pressed Klinker Glazed klinker 119 x 244 7,5 Glazed SP762101 SP762123 SP765026 SP775762 SP775784 SP775806 SP804455
Pressed Klinker Glazed klinker 240 x 115 10 Glazed SP762101 SP762123 SP765026 SP775762 SP775784 SP775806 SP804455