Rounded Fittings In Klinker For Floors

The rules of health and hygiene explicitly requires that there are no corners and edges at right angles in the surfaces of environments where food is produced or handled. This is to prevent dirt and possible sources of bacterial load from being deposited, making it difficult to access for cleaning. As far as fittings are concerned between the floor and the wall claddings (on the perimeter of the rooms) and between the vertical surfaces (both concave and convex), there must be a quarter round element in the correct size and in suitable material.

Available colors
Brilliant White Brilliant White
Type Surface Format Thickness (mm) Available colours
Quarter Round  Glazed 244 x 55 mm - bianco-brillante
  Angle Glazed 55 x 55 mm - bianco-brillante
Edhe  Glazed 40 x 55 mm - bianco-brillante
RH Edge Glazed 40 x 55 mm - bianco-brillante
 LH Edge Glazed 40 x 55 mm - bianco-brillante
Edge Protector Glazed 40 x 244 mm - bianco-brillante