Furlan's Farm

Construction of cellar floors, storage room, bottling, tasting and warehouse

The furlan farm is the result of the work of a peasant family rooted in this area. Since then, in a continuous becoming, the company has passed into the hands of the grandchildren Amedeo, Alberto and Moreno, who in accordance with tradition, have been able to project it into the future.
The vineyards, owned by the company, stretch across the Conegliano Valdobbiadene, Treviso and Piave DOC areas; they have been conceived with respect for the natural landscape and are processed by making eco-compatible agronomic choices and favouring interventions with low environmental impact.

The construction of a floor for cellars requires particular care to preserving the hygiene and safety conditions of all environments, both productive and conservative, as the proliferation of some bacterial strains could seriously compromise the quality of the product.
In addition, floors in cellars are often subject to washing, even at high pressures, so the floor is often wet and made even more slippery by the presence of production residues. This requires the use of materials with a specific anti-slip grade.
Finally, the cellars also have a value in terms of corporate image so easy maintenance / cleaning is certainly an important factor along with the aesthetic appearance related to color, joints and detail of the finish.